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Advanced Storage Facilities  

For Efficient Order Processing and Accurate Stock Management

Recognizing that smooth operations rely on meticulous stock management, Gilinox invests considerably in maintaining state-of-the-art storage facilities. Stocking over 5,000 items in a wide range of grades, shapes and sizes, Gilinox makes extensive use of advanced tools to manage this vast inventory, thereby ensuring that our customers' orders are filled precisely and efficiently.

Our 15,000 sqm (161,,000 sqft) premises include 5,000 sqm (54,000 sqft) of shed warehouses.

The unique design of the warehouses enables Gilinox to process an average of 50 separate orders daily (within 24 hours). One over-head crane ,three fork lifts and one pivot-crane ensure the continuous and efficient flow of material.

Sophisticated software connected to our ERP organization computer system enables accurate stock management of our entire product line.