Acceptance of our offer also means acceptance of those conditions of sale and purchase and transport. All offers and price lists are without obligation unless other conditions are mentioned.


The order is valid only if it has been confirmed by us in writing. The telephone or verbal administration or modification of the order is valid only if it has been confirmed by us in writing.

The buyer orders the goods included on the offer list and assumes the obligation to pay its value. The seller undertakes to supply the goods under the conditions of the offer – price, quality, quantity, packaging, delivery term, etc.


The establishment of transport terms is done with our best intention, without assuming guarantees. Failure to comply with the transport deadlines does not entitle the person who made the order either to withdraw the offer or to make the claim for compensation. Unforeseen events or the case of major force entitle us to give up the contract. In this case, claims for compensation are excluded. Any partial consignment shall be considered as an independent operation.


ln offer and on order, valid quantities with a difference of +10%. Directives are exclusively the weights on our consignment notes. The invoiced weight of the materials cut will be the one weighed before cutting.


The shipment of goods is made each time at the risk of the consignee.


Complaints regarding the weight, number of products or condition of the goods will be made to us in writing, immediately after taking it over, with the necessary explanations. The seller guarantees that at the time of delivery, the product will be free from defects in material or workmanship and corresponds to the specifications issued by the seller or to the specifications accepted by him. The seller’s obligation is limited to the change of goods for which within 5 days of taking over he has filed a complaint. The warranty ceases for products whose original condition has changed or the seller establishes that they have not been used properly or the defect was caused by environmental effects, improper or negligent assembly, repairs, adaptations or by accident whose determining factor was the buyer or a third person. This warranty is valid only for the buyer, not for its customers, or users of its products and substitutes any other warranties or insurances included in law or assumed by third parties or based on commercial use. The withdrawal does not entitle the purchaser to withhold payment of the disputed goods.


In case of trial, for both parties the Bucharest Commercial Court, based on Romanian commercial and civil law.


It is possible only on the basis of mutual consent


Price is understood ex works or warehouse chip, without packaging costs. Bid prices are up-to-date prices. Regarding the payment, the conditions in the offer or on the invoice are valid. In case of late payment, penalties of 0.5% / day delay are calculated, and in case of possible damages, compensation will be requested. In addition, we are entitled to waive our future transport obligations and other contractual conditions. If the buyer does not comply with the contractual conditions or the buyer’s creditworthiness decreases, all our claims become immediately due, regardless of the original maturity. In case of inaccurate payment, we have the right to stop delivering these orders or to request advance payment for them.


If the buyer does not take over the goods at the place and date of fulfillment of the contract, the seller has the right to waive compliance with the contract, sell the merchandise to another correspondent and claim full compensation.


These sale-purchase and transport conditions may be modified only on the basis of a written agreement of the parties. Failure to comply with any partial conditions shall not entail the disqualification of the other conditions


All products remain our property until the purchase price is paid and the other conditions are met. The buyer acknowledges that all payments he makes relate first to damages, then to late payment interest, to other secondary expenses and only after the sale of the property in our property. The CEC or promissory note is considered payment only after validation. As long as the right of property belongs to us, it is inadmissible to alienate, pledge, use as security or assign those rights relating to the goods. In case the goods, our property come into the possession of a third party, the buyer is obliged to notify us immediately in writing in the form of a registered letter. If the buyer has alienated the property to a third party, he grants us the right of assignment within the limit of the amount due and the related secondary expenses. If the buyer is in default of payment at our first summons, he is obliged to send the goods to the address specified by us.


The possibility of tracking our products is based on the certificate EN 10204 3.1.


Our company is committed to environmental protection. We offer our visitors — in their interest — occupational safety information at the entrance to the warehouse. The regulations of the traffic decree are valid on the territory of our company