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Name Plate
Standard AMS 4252.
Aluminium Grade 7150
Description Used for aircraft wing manufacturing.
Material Aluminium
Properties Very high strength. Suitable for chip removing process (machining).
Thermal Treatment T-7751
Chemical Composition Zn: 5.9%–6.9%; Fe: 0.15% max; Zr: 0.08%–0.15% Ti: 0.06% max; Cr: 0.04% max; Mg: 2.0%–2.7%. Mn: 0.1%max; Cu: 1.9%–2.5%; Si: 0.12% max and the rest is Aluminium.
Size Inch 2.5″
Size Mm 63.5 mm
Comments "Alcoa" Patent Pending.

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