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Flat Bar

Name Flat Bar
Standard ASTM A693
Material Stainless Steel 15–5 PH
Size Inch On Demand
Applications Mechanical parts for the aviation and aerospace industries. Jet engine parts. Fasteners. Nuclear reactors parts.
Characteristics Good corrosion resistance. High mechanical strength. Good mechanical quality up to 316°C. Suitable for hot processing. Suitable for chip processing. Weldable.
Thermal State After artificial ageing
Chemical Compound 0.03% Sulfur maximum. 0.04% Phosphorus maximum. 14–15% Chrome maximum. 1% Manganese maximum. 2.5–4.5% Copper. 3.5–5.5% Nickel. 0.07% Carbon maximum. 1% Silicon maximum. 0.15–0.45% Columbium (Niobium). Rest is Iron.

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