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Hollow Bar

Name Hollow Bar
Standard ASTM A5111
Material Stainless Steel 316L
Size Mm Starting from 16X32 mm up to 200X250 mm
Applications Used in applications that require parts to be machined.
Characteristics Resistant to corrosion. Resistant to oxidation up to a temperature of 870°C. Suitable for hot/cold processing. Weldable. Suitable for chip procession.
Similar Materials 1.4404/ Z2 CND 17–12
Thermal State 0 - Annealed (cannot be hardened by heat treatment)
Chemical Compound 0.03% Sulfur maximum. 0.045% Phosphorus maximum. 0.1% Nitrogen maximum. 16–18% Chrome. 2–3% Molybdenum. 2% Manganese maximum. 10–14% Nickel. 0.03% Carbon maximum.1% Silicon maximum. Rest is Iron.

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